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TipOne® RPT Filter Tip Refills

Looking for a truly easy low retention filter tip refill? There is no need worry about sterilization or accidental contact when using TipOne® filter tip refill cassettes. Each sterile refill cassette is individually wrapped and has an easy-grip pull tab.

$110.05 $110.05 $80.55 $961.20
  • Easy to use - just drop into TipOne or TipOne RPT racks
  • Safe and clean - sterile tips are not exposed while loading racks
  • Same trusted TipOne filters block >99% of aerosols
  • Eco-friendly refills save up to 63% polypropylene compared to racks
  • Ultra-low retention improves the delivery of viscous or difficult liquids
  • Orange wafer color indicates low retention
  • Tip wafers are laser-marked with filter tip volume and lot number

If you need the assurance and sterility of filter tips, but want to reduce the amount of plastic in your laboratory, TipOne filter tip refills are the answer. TipOne provides accurate delivery and exceptional fit on a wide variety of pipettes.

ErgoOne® & TipOne® Compatibility Chart

Trusted Performance

TipOne  RPT filter tips block >99% of aerosols to prevent cross-contamination. Our proprietary hydrophobic filter is made from ultra high-density polyethylene. If your sample comes in contact with the filter, it will not be sealed within the tip. You may still dispense the sample for further use.

TipOne RPT ultra low retention technology refines polypropylene tip surfaces at a molecular level, improving the flow dynamics of viscous liquids and other difficult samples. TipOne RPT does not contain clarifiers or processing additives (slip agents, biocides, antistatic agents, etc.) and is made from pure virgin polypropylene. With TipOne RPT, your results will not be compromised by potentially bioactive ingredients. Each hinged rack is individually sealed in plastic and has a tear strip for easy opening without sharp instruments. High definition laser markings identify tip volume, lot number, "FILTER" and “RPT” directly on the tip wafer, eliminating the need for labels. All filter tips are sterilized and certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens.


Refill bases and covers are #5 polypropylene and are marked for easy recycling with wafers and racks. Filter tip refills can save up to 63% of the plastic required for individual racks and 20% of the storage space.