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ErgoOne® Single Channel Pipette

ErgoOne adjustable volume pipettes combine researcher-requested features, precision engineering, and ergonomic principles for optimum performance. Tapered tip cones accept TipOne® and other universal tips.
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ErgoOne pipettes combine researcher-requested features, the latest ergonomic principles, and excellent accuracy and precision to provide optimum performance.

Smooth, even plunger forces give you maximum control over sample delivery while minimizing repetitive strain. Tip seating requires only a gentle push for complete sealing, and the handle and curved support hook promote a natural, relaxed grip.

ErgoOne pipettes are available in a full selection of volume ranges for maximum precision and accuracy. The 2-20 µl is offered in two formats — a standard tip cone that accepts 200 µl tips and an ultra micro tip cone that accepts 10 µl or 10 µl XL style tips. All single channel ultra micro pipettes have stainless steel tip cones for increased durability.

ErgoOne pipettes are color-coded by volume, easy to calibrate in the lab, and are fully autoclavable. The body is made from durable UV and chemical-resistant polypropylene.

ErgoOne works with TipOne and other universal tips. We won't lock you in with a proprietary tip, but we can guarantee exceptional fit and performance with TipOne.

  • Light, balanced weight reduces fatigue
  • 4-digit display increases precision
  • Plunger height accommodates large and small hands
  • Volume adjustment and locking easily achieved with one hand
  • Ejector button position reduces strain
  • 3 year warranty

  • Increments and plunger cap color
  • 0.1-2.5 µl: 0.002 µl increments, red cap
  • 0.5-10 µl: 0.01 µl increments, red cap
  • 2-20 µl ultramicro tip cone: 0.02 µl increments, red cap
  • 2-20 µl standard tip cone: 0.02 µl increments, yellow cap
  • 10-100 µl: 0.1 µl increments, yellow cap
  • 20-200 µl: 0.2 µl increments, yellow cap
  • 100-1000 µl: 1 µl increments, blue cap
  • 500-5000 µl: 5 µl increments, purple cap