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  • Ultra Low Retention Tips
  • No interference with samples
  • Sample retention is dramatically reduced
  • Retains integrity after autoclaving

TipOne RPT Pipette Tips

TipOne RPT ultra low retention technology refines polypropylene tip surfaces, improving the flow dynamics of viscous liquids and other difficult samples. In contrast to other technologies that use siliconized or fluoro-coated surfaces, TipOne RPT tips offer exceptional delivery without the risk of interaction with additives or treatments, even after sterilization or autoclaving.

Recommended applications for TipOne RPT include selected nucleic acids, proteins, antibodies, and solutions with Triton-X, glycerin, or other components that require an extremely low surface energy for complete sample release. TipOne RPT is also suitable for aqueous and other common laboratory solutions.

TipOne RPT Pipette Tips
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