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ArcticIce® Cryogenic Storage Tubes

ArcticIce tubes have high contrast black 100 µl graduations and large white labeling surfaces. Internal thread caps have silicon-rubber o-rings for use in vapor phase liquid nitrogen. External thread caps have a flexible sealing lip and help reduce contamination while handling. Self-standing tubes have a star-shaped base for one-handed use with support racks. All tubes are sterile and are made in the USA from medical grade polypropylene with HDPE caps. USP Class VI approved.

ArcticIce tubes are supplied in convenient self-standing, tamper evident resealable bags. Color cap inserts aid sample differentiation. (Not for use with 1418-8310.) Assortment insert pack includes blue, green, red, yellow, white, brown, orange, gray, violet, and pink.

Made in the USA.

ArcticIce Cryogenic Tubes
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