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Protect your samples with Seal-Rite® microcentrifuge tubes. Seal-Rite tubes are 100% pure virgin polypropylene. No processing additives such as slip agents, biocides, or antistatic agents are used during production. Your samples remain protected from potential bioactive contaminants.

SealRite Tubes

The SealRite precision sealing system prevents evaporation, leakage, and accidental opening. Caps seal securely, yet are easy to open.

Broad, beveled cap rims provide more comfortable handling.

Long cap plugs with pronounced sealing rims resist deforming and provide more surface area for better sealing.

Extended sealing zones ensure good contact with the cap plugs for better resistance to pressure during boiling or storage.

Leak test results: Seal-Rite tubes maintain their seal during heating.

Does your tube maintain a seal while heating? Although a tube may remain closed, evaporation can occur when a seal is incomplete. Seal-Rite passes the test with no leaks!

Water-sensitive paper has a specially coated yellow surface that turns blue when exposed to moisture. This indicating paper (A) was placed across the top of Seal-Rite (B) and other (C-H) 1.5 ml tubes containing 1 ml of 50% ethanol and incubated at 95°C for 15 minutes in a dry bath with a tightly closed lid. Tube brands C-H show varying levels of failure. Not sure about your tubes? Try Seal-Rite for worry-free incubations or storage.

Seal-Rite tubes are manufactured under strict guidelines and routinely tested for performance.
They are rated for centrifugation up to 25,000 x g.

Seal-Rite Tubes