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Seal-Rite 0.2 mL PCR Tube, Attached Dome Cap

Seal-Rite 0.2 mL PCR Tube, Attached Dome Cap

Item #1602-4300

Individual 0.2 mL tubes have attached dome caps with contamination guard and unique support hinge. 1000/box.
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Repeated heating and cooling of PCR amplifications can lead to sample loss. Seal-Rite dome cap thin wall PCR tubes have a superior sealing system that minimizes sample evaporation.

Each tube has a beveled opening that guides the attached cap into the sealing zone. A pronounced rim on the cap plug holds it in place during thermal cycling.

A unique hinge holds the attached cap open at an angle that allows uncapped tubes to easily fit into a full 96-well block or rack. The cap also has a contamination guard that helps prevent accidental contact with the cap plug while opening or closing the tubes. There is an etched writing surface on the dome-shaped caps and on the side of each tube.

Seal-Rite tubes are manufactured under strict conditions and are required to pass several quality control procedures. The production starts with highly polished molds that are routinely inspected, tested and maintained to tight tolerances to ensure proper wall thickness, surface smoothness and reproducibility. Finally, the tubes are packaged and sealed by automation to ensure cleanliness. All tubes are certified to be free of detectable levels of RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens. Natural color polypropylene.