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TipOne® Filter Tips

Eliminate harmful aerosol transfers between samples with TipOne® filter tips. Our ultra high density filters are proven to block >99% of aerosol contaminants.

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  • Filter barrier protects samples and pipettes from contamination
  • Hydrophobic filters contain no additives and will not absorb samples
  • Hinged racks can be opened with one hand
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens
  • Sterilized

ErgoOne® & TipOne® Compatibility Chart

Trusted Performance

TipOne filter tips block >99% of aerosols to prevent cross-contamination. Our proprietary hydrophobic filter is made from ultra high-density polyethylene. If your sample comes in contact with the filter, it will not be sealed within the tip. You may still dispense the sample for further use.

TipOne does not contain clarifiers or processing additives (slip agents, biocides, antistatic agents, etc.) and is made from pure virgin polypropylene. With TipOne, your results will not be compromised by potentially bioactive ingredients. Each hinged rack is individually sealed in plastic and has a tear strip for easy opening without sharp instruments. All filter tips are sterilized and certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens.

Easy Tip Identification

High definition laser markings identify volume, lot number, and “FILTER” directly on the tip wafer. All information is easy to read whether the rack is open or closed.


Would you like to reduce leftover plastic but need to maintain sterility? Try TipOne sterile filter tip refill cassettes.
Blocking Efficiency of Filter Tips

The blocking efficiency of filter tips is investigated using airborne particles. Filter tips seated on air displacement pipettes are used to prevent potential contamination of the pipette tip cones (i.e. DNA fragments). The more effective the filter, the less the risk of contamination. This is of utmost importance for preventing false-positive results, especially in highly sensitive PCR experiments. In this investigation, TipOne® 200 µl filter tips have been compared with those of other manufacturers.

Blocking Efficiency of Filter Tips
TipOne® Certificate of Quality