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Nucleic Acid Workstation (Dead Air Box)

AirClean Systems® Dead Air Box provides a circulation-free environment with a UV light for surface disinfection.  A safety interlock switch prevents exposure to UV light when the full access folding sash is raised.

32" and 48" Dead Air Box includes the UVTect® Microprocessor controller and a 254nm ultraviolet light source for irradiation between amplifications.

24" Dead Air Box includes a fluorescent light and a 0-15 minute UV light (does not include UVTect® Microprocessor controller).
$3,019.15 $4,635.60
AirClean Systems PCR hoods protect sensitive reactions from airborne contaminants and cross-contamination that can lead to inaccurate results. Each system has a built-in 254 nm ultraviolet light for decontamination of consumables and equipment between amplifications. 

AirClean Systems PCR Workstations have a unibody design with overlapping parts that prevent the escape of harmful ultraviolet energy during sterilization. The base of each PCR Workstation is made of a custom extruded polypropylene blend that reflects ultraviolet energy and makes cleaning easier. Each unit has a one-year warranty.