Repeater M4

Item #4049-2322

The Eppendorf Repeater® M4 is the ideal precision instrument for completing long pipetting series. Even viscous or volatile liquids that are difficult to pipette are no match for the Repeater M4.
Repeater M4 starter kit. Includes Repeater M4, Combitips Rack, Combitips assortment pack 1µL to 10 mL, and holder for Carousel 2, Charger Carousel 2, or wall mounting.
  • Step counter: Displays the number of executed dispensing steps
  • Ergonomically shaped operating lever: Dispenses the liquid and ejects the Combitips advanced® tip
  • Ergonomically shaped filling lever: For filling and emptying the Combitips advanced tip
  • Volume selection dial: 20 different volume settings for every Combitips® size; Easy to reach and adjust using your thumb
  • Hand rest: Supports a relaxed hand position and ease of use
  • Motion Sensor: Repeater switches off when not in use, and back on with minimal movements to save power and time
  • Combitips sensor: Automatic Combitips® recognition and volume display

The Eppendorf Repeater® M4 and Combitips advanced® System uses the positive displacement principal to precisely and accurately dispense virtually any liquid. The liquid is directly dispensed without an air cushion, ensuring the correct volume is dispensed regardless of the density, viscosity and volatility of the liquid. The Repeater M4 has a unique volume range of 1 µL - 10 mL, and is the only mechanical dispenser that dispenses up to 100 times without refilling the tip. The new and innovative step counter supports error-free working even after an interruption or distraction during the dispensing procedure. Fully emptied Combitips® can be easily ejected with one hand using the operation lever without directly touching the tip.