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Eppendorf Combitips advanced® Dispensing Tips

Combitips advanced positive displacement tips. Choose from a variety of non-sterile or sterile options. 100 per box.

$69.00 $253.00
  • Combitips advanced tips work with all Repeater® pipettes
  • 9 volume sizes (0.1 mL 50 mL) offer a maximum range of volumes
  • Combitips advanced are color coded for quick identification
  • Elongated tips make it easy to reach the bottom of standard laboratory tubes
  • Upper funnel geometry prevents damage to gloves and ensures easy, comfortable insertion and handling
  • Optimized graduations increase visibility for better volume determination
  • Convenient dispenser box (Eppendorf Quality and Sterile) has an extricable chute for quick access
  • Eppendorf Quality is portioned in 4 bags (25 pcs. each) to ensure dust-free storage
  • Optional Combitip Rack aids single-hand tip application while keeping color codes visible

Combitips advanced always dispense the correct desired volume, independent of the density and flow characteristics of the liquid (e.g. increased vapor pressure or increased viscosity). Working with radioactive, aggressive, or toxic materials is also safer as the hermetically sealed piston prevents aerosol contamination.

Eppendorf Standard Quality - Manufactured under clean room conditions without slip agents, biocides, or plasticizers. For basic applications.

Sterile - Batch-certified sterile and pyrogen (endotoxin) free. For cell culture applications and microbiological experiments, virus work and phage library storage.

Eppendorf Biopur® - Batch-certified sterile and free from ATP, PCR-inhibitors, Human DNA, bacterial DNA, DNase, RNase, and pyrogens (endotoxins). Individually wrapped; for pharmaceutical, medical and forensic applications, also for work with endotoxin-sensitive cell cultures.