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EasyApp Microporous Film Rolls

EasyApp Microporous Film Rolls

EasyApp microporous film on 50-sheet rolls. 2 rolls/pack. Choose non-sterile or sterile.
$129.10 $175.55

Rayon film for cell and bacteria culture allows air and gas exchange while minimizing cross-contamination and evaporation. Pierceable; 140 µm thick. For use from -20°C to +80°C. Red end tabs; 50 applications/roll.

Pull out one pre-measured length of film, apply it to the plate, tear at the perforation, and seal with the same dispenser. The EasyApp sealing film system requires no storage boxes, bags, or liner paper. Pulling a seal from the roll is easier than taking one out of a bag. The dispenser also helps you keep a grasp on the film for better alignment and reduced risk of accidental contact. Plates can be sealed up to three times faster than with conventional film, and there is no backing paper to discard.

EasyApp film rolls are color coded (red) for easy identification and feature the same materials as our 2920-1000 gas permeable film.

EasyApp Film Applicator Instructions

Download the EasyApp Film Applicator Instructions.