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Cryo-Tags® Combo Tag and Spot on Laser-Printable Sheets

Cryo-Tags® Combo Tag and Spot, Sheets

Item #9187-0100

Need a label for both the side and top of a tube? Or, use one label on your tube and the other in your notebook. Each set includes one 3/8" diameter spot and one 1.28" x 0.50" tag. 68 sets/sheet (1360 sets/box). White.
Labels on 8" x 11" sheets stay flat and will not jam in laser printers. Includes instructions for printing with Microsoft® Word.

Chemical-resistant, flexible, polyolefin labels can withstand conventional and cryogenic freezer storage (vapor and liquid phase nitrogen storage at -196°C). They adhere strongly to plastics, glass, and metal and can withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, or dry heat up to 150°C without peeling, cracking, or degrading. Twenty sheets of labels per box.