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ArcticIce MCT 24-Place Cooler

ArcticIce MCT 24-place cooler for 1.5, 0.5, or 2.0 mL tubes. Stays cool for hours; indicates rising temperature change by turning either purple to pink or green to yellow.
$100.20 $100.45
Chill rack for microcentrifuge tubes changes color as the temperature rises above 7°C. To use, simply pre-chill the rack at -20°, move it to your bench, and add your tubes. The rack slowly warms, taking approximately 4 hours before there is a complete color change. Each ArcticIce® MCT holds 24 tubes in a 6x4 array and will hold conical and skirted 1.5, 2.0, or 0.5 mL tubes. (Not for use with cryogenic tubes.) Includes a clear lid with stacking rim. Measures 146 mm L x 105 mm W x 70 mm H.
Freeze inverted for a minimum of 8 hours at -20°C before use. Color changes at 7°C. Rack will not perform to specification if it is not frozen at -20°C. Leave lid in place when in use.