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The TipOne® Impact

At USA Scientific, we support your efforts to improve sustainability in the lab. To assist with these efforts, we are gradually transforming TipOne into a more eco-friendly product without compromising the pipette tips you and your work depend on. That’s why we are excited to announce that TipOne Refills and Filter Tip Refills will now include recycled material in its packaging. While refills have consistently reduced up to 63% of the polypropylene required with traditional filter tip products, the packaging on these refills now contains recycled material, further reducing plastic waste. This is just one step in our sustainability journey, and we will continue to improve TipOne and all our products as technology improves.

•Made with recycled material

The transfer covers (2) and refill cassette bases (4) are now being produced with recycled material. The racks (5) will start production soon.

This keeps plastic out of landfills and lowers the need for new virgin plastic.

The components of a TipOne rack

•Made with 100% virgin polypropylene

The rack lid (1), wafer, and tips (3) will continue to be 100% virgin polypropylene.

TipOne tips will remain unchanged to ensure the same exceptional quality as always.

What has changed?

Packaging components of TipOne Filter Tip Refills are now made with post-industrial recycled polypropylene. Specifically, the refill cassette bases and transfer covers now contain recycled material. TipOne racks will also include recycled material soon.

Are the TipOne racks and wafers still recyclable?

You can continue to recycle TipOne racks and wafers, which are still #5 Polypropylene. #5 Polypropylene is widely accepted for recycling by various facilities, ensuring that it can be reused and transformed into new products. Contact your local sales representative for more information on local recycling programs.

Are recycled components autoclavable?

The autoclavable properties of #5 Polypropylene remain intact even after multiple uses, with the material being able to withstand autoclaving up to 100 times.

Will the item number change?

You can seamlessly continue your current ordering and purchasing processes without any disruptions or changes. There will be no introduction of new item numbers or requirements for you to switch or alter your ordering methods. The transition to using recycled material does not necessitate any adjustments or modifications in how you place your orders. You can simply continue with your existing practices, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

Have the tips or filters changed?

No. The use of virgin Polypropylene (PP) will continue for tips, wafers, and rack lids, ensuring consistent performance without any compromise. Despite the adoption of recycled material for other components, there is no risk to the performance or functionality of products that still utilize virgin PP. You can rely on the same level of quality and effectiveness for tips, wafers, and rack lids as they have experienced before, maintaining peace of mind in their usage.

Will the product look the same?

While there may be some minor visual irregularities in components containing recycled plastic, there will be no alterations to the fit or function of the products, ensuring that you can continue using them in the same way as before. The transition to recycled material will not require any adjustments in customer usage or application methods. Additionally, there will be no changes in packaging size or handling procedures, maintaining convenience and familiarity. Rest assured, the products will retain their exceptional filter material and aerosol-blocking capacity, delivering the same level of performance and effectiveness as always.

How else has TipOne contributed to sustainability efforts?

  • At our TipOne production facility, we are proud to operate entirely on 100% wind energy, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.
  • TipOne products have received ACT certification from My Green Lab, evaluating the sustainable impacts of TipOne products, operations, and product end-of-life.

Have more questions?

Contact your local sales representative for more information.

TipOne pipette tips now have ACT certified labels.

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