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Orbital-Genie Ratchet Clamps

Orbital-Genie with Ratchet Clamps

Item #7400-1500

Orbital-Genie orbital shaker with ratchet clamps; measures 20" wide x 23" deep. 120 V.

Orbital-Genie with ratchet clamps offers variable shaking speed with orbit reversing. Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex of 10 rpm to a vigorous 300 rpm. Features an 18 x 18 inch platform, programmable ramp-up for smooth starts, and timer/continuous control.

Padded ratchet clamps adjust to hold vessels of various sizes. Eliminates the need to search for the exact size flask clamp for your application.

Maximum load 26 lbs; 35 mm orbit; 1 min to 99 hr timer with alarm; two-year warranty. Made in the USA.