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Microplate Centrifuge

Microplate Centrifuge, for two microplates

Item #2532-2000

Microplate Centrifuge, for two microplates, 2,550 rpm, 600 x g, 115V, 60 Hz

The Microplate centrifuge is ideal for a quick spin down of PCR plates, PCR tubes, and microtiter plates. Optimized for spinning fluids down from tube caps and walls, the microplate centrifuge ensures all substances are at the bottom for proper concentrations and improved yield. Easily access plates in the unique rotor chamber. Simply open the lid and insert the plates, close the lid and turn the device on. The rotor motion will begin when the lid is closed and accelerates to the maximum speed of 2,550 rpm. Opening lid will stop the spin in 4 seconds. The small size saves space on the bench or under the hood. An adapter carrier is available separately for 0.2 mL PCR strips and tubes.

Includes rotor and two plate holders. Weight: 9 lbs. Measures 9.2” L × 10.2” W × 7.75” H. Two-year warranty.