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Genie Temp-Shaker 300, Adhering Mat

Item #7400-4170

Genie Temp-Shaker 300, 35-300 rpm, with adhering mat, 120 V US standard plug.

The Genie Temp-Shaker 300™ benchtop incubator with cover provides powerful orbital shaking from 35-300 rpm with precise temperature control from 28° C to 75° C. The Genie Temp-Shaker 300 offers quick access to the interior with a unique 3-way chamber access design. The chamber cover can be tilted left, right, or back for easy access. The lightweight cover can be completely removed for cleaning, attaching accessories, or placing containers. The unique temperature flow design minimizes the loss of temperature when the chamber door is opened. The chamber can achieve a stable 75° C in just 20 minutes. Two-year warranty.

GTS 300 Orbital-Genie with Adhering Mat provides a flat platform with an adhering rubber mat perfect for use with open containers. The patented material is naturally adhering. Rinse clean to renew adhering properties.