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ChannelMate Reservoir System

ChannelMate reservoir refill system includes 1 reusable polystyrene base and 200 clear polystyrene inserts/pack. Sterile. Choose 25 mL or 100 mL.

Reagent reservoir refills save waste and storage space. ChannelMate™ combines a sturdy reusable base with ultra-clear inserts to create a unique refillable reservoir system.

Each case of ChannelMate™ reservoirs contains one reusable base and four sleeves of 50 inserts (200). DNase, RNase, and pyrogen free. Sterile.

  • Non-tipping, durable base features high-contrast volume graduations
  • Skirt-less polystyrene inserts require up to 40% less plastic and create minimal waste
  • Nested inserts save up to 65% of the storage space required with other reservoirs
  • Inserts may also be inverted to create a lid for temporary storage or protection from contamination
  • Inserts feature micro-channels in the base for better recovery with small volumes
  • Inserts are easily removed and have pour-back spouts in each corner