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Blue Autoradiography and Western Blotting Film

Blue Autoradiography Film

Blue autoradiography/western blotting film, 100 sheets/box. Choose 8 in x 10 in (20.3 x 25.4 cm) or 5 in x 7 in (12.7 x 17.8 cm).
$92.30 $125.30
  • Double emulsion blue film
  • Optimized for chemiluminescence (ECL)
  • Also works with 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, and 125I

Create bright, sharp images with high contrast. New blue film offers high sensitivity for clear images with no foggy or grainy background. Coated on both sides, the film can be used with calcium tungstate or blue-emitting rare-earth screens. Suitable for manual or automated processing. Temperature range 39°F to 80°F; relative humidity from 30-50%. Light-safe dispenser boxes hold 100 sheets.