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ArcticIce PCR Tube Rack

ArcticIce PCR tube chill rack with natural lid. Stays cool for hours; indicates rising temperature change by turning either purple to pink or green to yellow. Two/pack.
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The ArcticIce® PCR polypropylene 0.2 mL chill rack changes color as the temperature increases. To use, simply pre-chill the rack at -20°C, move it to your bench, and add your tubes. The rack slowly warms to 4°C and remains there for over 3 hours. The color changes as the rack reaches +7°C. Use to prepare cycle sequencing reactions, restriction digestions, or prevent non-specific primer annealing in 0.2 mL tubes or 96-well PCR plates. Measures 5.56" L x 3.9" W x 1.74" H with the locking lid.

Holds 96 tubes or 1 96-well plate. Choose green/yellow or purple/pink.