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1.2 mL Dilution Tubes in Strips of 8

1.2 mL polypropylene natural color dilution tubes in strips of 8 in open bottom racks. Sterile and non-sterile available, choose bulk or racked.
$37.50 $87.45

Use for serial dilutions, mixing, or storing samples. Open bottom racks aid temperature equilibration in water or ice baths. Each polypropylene tube holds up to 1.2 mL (1.0 mL with caps). Bold, printed alpha-numeric markings on the rack are easy to read. The 8 x 12 format rack accommodates multi-channel pipettors, includes a lid for safe storage, and is compatible with robotic systems. Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free.

Bulk tubes are only compatible with this rack. See these cap strips for compatible caps.