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EZwaste System, 83 mm Cap

EZwaste System, 83 mm Cap

Item #6030-0419

Activated carbon filter system provides an easy way to trap volatile organic compound waste for disposal. Great for use with HPLC systems.

EZwaste® Solvent Waste System is an affordable solution for HPLC liquid waste disposal. Manufactured to safely collect from up to two HPLC instruments, EZwaste features an activated carbon filter that traps volatile organic compounds and prevents their release into the work environment, avoiding inhalation by lab workers. The system also provides an easy mechanism for the disposal of vapor waste and has a closed loop design that protects against leaks and spills, improving overall lab safety.

System without container includes two Versacaps (use the open cap with the EZwaste adaptor and the closed cap for safe transport), various ports for waste tubing, one port for a carbon exhaust filter, one carbon exhaust filter, and plugs for unused ports. Use with containers that accept 83 mm caps.