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CytoOne Multiple Well Plates - Clearance

Designed for optimum growth and secure handling, CytoOne® plates have crystal-clear surfaces for distortion-free microscopy and multiple features that help reduce and prevent cross-contamination. Individually wrapped and lot traceable. 50/case.

Special clearance pricing available for a limited time. 
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  • Prevent cross-contamination with 360° Protection Perimeter™ wells
  • Reduce edge-effects without sacrificing wells by filling perimeter and inter-well spaces
  • Prevent accidents – ridged bases make pickup and handling easy, even with damp gloves
  • Stop refocusing – flat bases keep cells in focus as you move from one well to another

CytoOne® plates have crystal-clear surfaces for distortion-free microscopy. Non-reversible lids with condensation rings minimize contamination and are vented for improved gas exchange. CytoOne also features molded alphanumerics for well identification and complete 360° Protection Perimeter chimney wells that minimize edge effects and prevent cross contamination. Manufactured from optically clear, premium grade polystyrene under ISO 9001 standards with rigorous quality control. Certified DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free; non-cytotoxic. Gamma sterilized.





6 9.4 2 3.46
12 3.8 1.5 2.21
24 1.9 1.0 1.55
48 0.76 0.5 0.98
96 0.32 0.2 0.64
Detailed Specifications on CytoOne Cell Culture Performance Ware

Minimizing Edge Effects

See more about minimizing edge effects and preventing cross contamination with our 360° Protection Perimeter™ chimney wells.